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    Every book, movie and song about college has one thing in common: the best college experiences mean living on campus, which is why EWU offers award-winning housing programs and multiple housing options.

    EWU also offers the most affordable campus housing of any public university in Washington state. It doesn't hurt that we were ranked the safest public university campus in Washington, or that we can out-compete the cost of living off-campus.

    The Benefits of Living on Campus 

    Choosing the Residence Hall That's Best for You

    Before you apply, be sure to visit all of the pages under Residence Hall Overview. Every hall at EWU has its own personality, and you'll find out which hall is best for you.

    Apply Early for Sign-Up Bonuses

    It pays to live on campus. You can earn Sign-Up Bonuses when you choose your hall and meal plan before May 15.

    After You Apply

    When you get your room assignment, you'll receive your roommate's name and email address so you can get acquainted with them over the summer. You can tour your room, or a similar room, during the firstSTEP Orientation Program, and you can move in beginning the Friday before the start of fall quarter.

    What Students Say about Living on Campus

    Students love living on campus, and these testimonials prove it.

    "I love living on campus because I love the atmosphere. There is something for everyone and it's so easy to make friends! Also, everything is so close like the gym, PUB and all my classes!"
    -Megan Hallameyer
    "What do I enjoy most living on campus? I don't have to drive, and a short, healthy walk is all I need to get to my classes. What else? The friends I have made by living in Morrison Hall are going to be the friends I have for the rest of my life."
    -Nathaniel Wolfgang Wood
    "One of the biggest reasons for moving back on campus was the fact that financially I would only have to worry about myself. I don't have to worry about my roommates not paying their bills on time. Also, when I live on campus, I'm much more involved with everything including keeping my grades up with study groups, being more involved with my clubs and activities, and just being around my peers. I'm also going to the gym more often, because I live right next to it!
    I think the dining service is a huge win for me living on campus. Think about how much time you spend going to the grocery store and picking out food, unloading the food and putting it away, then cooking up a meal, then after the meal is finished, washing the dishes and putting the dishes away. That takes a lot of time! I know a lot of people don't think about that but it's actually a huge time saver to dine on campus. With my meal plan, I feel I eat healthier and make better choices. When I lived off campus I rarely bought fruits or vegetables, but now they are all available to me whenever I want them."
    -Marisa Mans

    Thank you for your interest in living on campus at Eastern Washington University! You can apply for campus housing at any time by clicking the image below.

    Apply NowGroup of students laughing

    Contact Information

    Housing & Residential Life
    1027 Cedar St.
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2451
    fax: 509.359.6528

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